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New England Scene II (2018)

Etching with Aquatint and Watercolor Pencil

Edition size: 2

Image 8 7/8” x 6”

Framed 16” x 12””










Copper III (2016)           Copper IV (2016)

Acrylic Paintings

Each: 10” x 10”








Grass Bouquet VI (2010)

Unique Soft-ground Etching with Screenprint

Image 27” x 19"

Framed 37 1/4” x 28 1/4"






Solo Show at Touchstone Gallery in May 2019


My solo show at Touchstone Gallery in 2019 included etchings, lithographs and other types of original prints with an arboreal theme.  “Branching Out: Original Prints” gives a virtual tour through the exhibit.



For more information on some of the printing techniques I use, please see Fine Art Printing Media.









Metallics: Paintings and Prints

by Mary D. Ott


My solo show in February 2017 at Touchstone Gallery featured artwork with copper, silver and gold elements. The paintings were created using embroidery yarn dipped in acrylic paint to act as a fine brush. The prints are etchings, some of which include screenprinting.


To see the artwork in the exhibit, please go to my artist page on the Touchstone Gallery website:                  

Click on the text below the image “Gold and Copper on Silver.”




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                                                                            Review by Mark Jenkins. On website February 17, 2017.

   In print February 19, 2017.







Excerpts from review by Mary Mei. On website February 24, 2017.

Natural Simplicity: Metallics at the Touchstone Gallery

At first glance, Mary D. Ott’s metallic paintings seem to be characterized by their lack of complexity; her aptly titled piece “Gold on Black” refers to a dark canvas interrupted by thin, golden strokes, while “Copper” is a copper backdrop interspersed with flashes of silver. However, upon further inspection, Ott’s allusion to natural elements becomes noticeable, and one is able to appreciate the elegance of her pieces.

Metallics: Paintings and Prints at the Touchstone Gallery is surprisingly diverse in its composition. A collection of metallic paintings is accompanied by a compilation of prints, which are made from intricate etchings. The complex process Ott uses to create her pieces is contradicted by the effortless feel of her final products, as what looks like an uncomplicated stroke is actually the result of many different techniques.

For Ott, every metallic painting starts with applying a base layer to a canvas. Embroidery yarn dipped in acrylic paint is then used as a fine brush. The series of etchings titled “Wide Grass” were printed from a zinc etching plate, while “Grass Bouquet” and its successive versions involve the use of dried ornamental grasses (which were pressed against the zinc plate). Ott also employed nitric acid in preparation of the etching. Screen printing techniques were used in the final steps of the process.


There is something very enjoyable about the unpretentious nature of Metallics: Paintings and Prints. Instead of being prompted to search for some deep, metaphoric message, the viewer is encouraged to simply focus on the natural implications of the artwork and to observe Ott’s use of lines and strokes. Viewing this exhibit is comparable to viewing a field during a strange sunset. The colors and shadows have been slightly distorted, lending a strange and graceful appearance to the landscape. This is especially true of Ott’s “Wide Grass” etchings, which offer a unique perspective on the depiction of an extensive grassland.








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Color!  Paintings by Mary D. Ott




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Grass Etchings and Paintings




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